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Keeping track of VB source code builds

Keeping track of source code builds in VB can be easy, if you use the Version Numbering feature provided in EXE creations. Click on the options button when creating an EXE file. Then turn on the "Auto Increment" checkbox.

Versioning supports a three-segment version number: Major, Minor and Revision. The Auto Increment feature, if selected, will automatically increase the Revision number by one each time you run the Make Project command for this project.

Typically, build information will go on an About form. Just add a label called, "lblVersion" and add the following code to your form:

lblVersion.Caption = "Version: " & App.Major & "." & App.Minor & "."
& App.Revision

If my Major version number is 2, the Minor number is 1 and the Revision is 12, the label will display: "Version: 2.1.12"