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Type SYSTEM_INFO ' 36 Bytes
dwOemID As Long
dwPageSize As Long
lpMinimumApplicationAddress As Long
lpMaximumApplicationAddress As Long
dwActiveProcessorMask As Long
dwNumberOrfProcessors As Long
dwProcessorType As Long
dwAllocationGranularity As Long
wProcessorLevel As Integer
wProcessorRevision As Integer
End Type

This structure contains information regarding the current computer system.

字段 类型与说明
dwOemID Long,System processor used. In Windows 95, this value is always set to zero (PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL). In Windows NT, this value may be one of the following : PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL, PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_MIPS, PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_ALPHA, PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_PPC
dwPageSize Long,Page size used. Also specifies the granularity of page protection and commitment.
lpMinimumApplicationAddress Long,Contains the lowest memory address that applications and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) can access.
lpMaximumApplicationAddress Long,Contains the highest memory address that applications and DLLs can access.
dwActiveProcessorMask Long,Contains a mask representing the set of processors available on the system. Processor zero is indicated by bit zero being set.
dwNumberOrfProcessors Long,The number of processors in this system.
dwProcessorType Long,Obsolete, but maintained for backward compatibility. Can be one of the following values: PROCESSOR_INTEL_386, PROCESSOR_INTEL_486, PROCESSOR_INTEL_PENTIUM. The following are valid on Windows NT systems only: PROCESSOR_MIPS_R4000, PROCESSOR_ALPHA_21046
dwAllocationGranularity Long,Contains the allocation granularity used to allocate memory. This value is usually set to 64K.
wProcessorLevel Integer,Specifies the processor level. This value depends on the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_* value in the dwOemID field. For PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL, the valid values are currently: 3 for a 386 CPU, 4 for a 486 CPU, and 5 for a Pentium.
wProcessorRevision Integer,Specifies the processor revision. This value depends on the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_* value in the dwOemID field.