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Type OSVERSIONINFO ' 148 Bytes
dwOSVersionInfoSize As Long
dwMajorVersion As Long
dwMinorVersion As Long
dwBuildNumber As Long
dwPlatformId As Long
szCSDVersion As String * 128
End Type

This structure contains operating system version information. This structure is used with the GetVersionEx function.

字段 类型与说明
dwOSVersionInfoSize Long,Size of this data structure, currently at 148 bytes. This field must be set before calling the GetVersionEx function.
dwMajorVersion Long,Specifies the major and minor version number of the operating system.
dwBuildNumber Long,Specifies the build number of the operating system. On Windows 95, build 1000 respresents OEM service release #2.
dwPlatformId Long,Specifies the platform supported by the operating system. May be one of the following:VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s: Win32s on Windows 3.1.VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_WINDOWS: Win32 on Windows 95.VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT: Windows NT.
szCSDVersion String,Contains additional information about the operating system.