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Type LOGBRUSH ' 12 Bytes
lbStyle As Long
lbColor As Long
lbHatch As Long
End Type

Data structure used to define a logical brush. The actual physical brush will depend on the capabilities of the device.

字段 类型与说明
lbStyle Long,One of the following constants:BS_DIBPATTERN, BS_DIBPATTERN8X8, BS_DIBPATTERNPT: A pattern brush based on a device-independent bitmap (DIB). In Windows 95, brushes from bitmaps or DIBs must be 8x8 or smaller.BS_HATCHED: A hatched brush according to field lbHatch.BS_HOLLOW, BS_NULL: A hollow brush.BS_PATTERN, BS_PATTERN8X8: A pattern brush based on a bitmap.BS_SOLID: A solid brush.
lbColor Long,Depends on the value of lbStyle:For BS_SOLID refer to the description of the crColor parameter of the CreateSolidBrush API function (see Chapter 8).For BS_HATCHED refer to the description of the crColor parameter of the CreateHatchBrush API function (see Chapter 8).For BS_DIBPATTERN* refer to the description of the wUsage parameter of the CreateDIBPatternBrush API function
lbHatch Long,If lbStyle is BS_DIBPATTERN or BS_DIBPATTERN8X8, this field contains the handle to a packed DIB (refer to description of the hPackedDIB parameter to the CreateDIBPatternBrush API function in Chapter 8 for details). If lbStyle is BS_DIBPATTERNPT, this field contains the pointer to a packed DIB.If lbStyle is BS_HATCHED, this field is the same as the nIndex parameter to the CreateHatchBrush API function