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iType As Long
nSize As Long
rclBounds As RECTL
rclFrame As RECTL
dSignature As Long
nVersion As Long
nBytes As Long
nRecords As Long
nHandles As Integer
sReserved As Integer
nDescription As Long
offDescription As Long
nPalEntries As Long
szlDevice As SIZEL
szlMillimeters As SIZEL
End Type

This structure is always the first record in an enhanced metafile, it contains information on the enhanced metafile data.

字段 类型与说明
iType Long,Record type. Must be set to EMR_HEADER
nSize Long,Size of this structure
rclBounds RECTL,Dimensions, in device units, of the smallest rectangle that can be drawn around the picture stored in the metafile. Supplied by the GDI.
rclFrame RECTL,Dimensions, in 0.01 millimeter units, of a rectangle that surrounds the picture stored in the metafile. Must be supplied by the application that creates the metafile.
dSignature Long,Signature of the metafile. Must be set to ENHMETA_SIGNATURE.
nVersion Long,Metafile version. The current version value is &H10000&.
nBytes Long,Size of the enhanced metafile
nRecords Long,Number of records in the enhanced metafile
nHandles Integer,Number of handles in the enhanced-metafile handle table.
sReserved Integer,Reserved. Set to zero.
nDescription Long,Number of characters in the array containing the description of the enhanced metafile. Zero if a description is not available
offDescription Long,Offset from the beginning of the ENHMETAHEADER structure to an array containing a description for the enhanced metafile.
nPalEntries Long,Number of entries in the enhanced metafile's palette.
szlDevice SIZEL,Resolution of the reference device, in pixels
szlMillimeters SIZEL,Resolution of the reference device, in millimeters.