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Type DEVMODE ' 126 Bytes, 15?Bytes in Windows 95
dmDeviceName As String * CCHDEVICENAME
dmSpecVersion As Integer
dmDriverVersion As Integer
dmSize As Integer
dmDriverExtra As Integer
dmFields As Long
dmOrientation As Integer
dmPaperSize As Integer
dmPaperLength As Integer
dmPaperWidth As Integer
dmScale As Integer
dmCopies As Integer
dmDefaultSource As Integer

dmPrintQuality As Integer
dmColor As Integer
dmDuplex As Integer
dmYResolution As Integer
dmTTOption As Integer
dmCollate As Integer
dmFormName As String * CCHFORMNAME
dmLogPixels As Integer
dmBitsPerPel As Long
dmPelsWidth As Long
dmPelsHeight As Long
dmDisplayFlags As Long
dmDisplayFrequency As Long
' - The following appear under Windows 95 only.
dmICMMethod As Long

dmICMIntentAs Long
dmMediaType As Long
dmDitherType As Long
dmICCManufacturer As Long
dmICCModel As Long
End Type
This structure is used to describe the configuration of an output device such as a printer.The size of this structure is dynamic and should be calculated before it is passed to a function.